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Global "Gurukul" of River Science

The center for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies (cGanga) is a Brain Trust devoted to River Science and River Basin Management. The center is committed to restoring and conserving rivers and water resources through collation of information and knowledge, research and development, planning,  monitoring, education, advocacy, and engagement with stakeholders. Established in 2016 at IIT Kanpur, it serves as a knowledge wing of central and state governments in India on all the aspects related to river conservation, rejuvenation, and management of the river basin. It strives to serve as a center of excellence for data collection, creation, and dissemination of knowledge.  The center has representation from most leading science and technology institutes in the country. cGanga’s one of the major tasks is to serve as a think tank in the implementation and dynamic evaluation of the Ganga River Basin Management Plan (GRBMP) prepared by a consortium of 7 IITs in 2015. As a knowledge creator and disseminator cGanga has developed Environment Technology Programme (ETV) for introducing new technologies, innovations, and solutions.

One of the core activities of cGanga is to interphase with finance, economics, and legal industry to robust techno-commercial models. Other core activities are the development of improved monitoring protocols and; the creation of expertise in the area of river health.

cGanga is objectifying as a Global “Gurukul” of river science. It is conceptualized to be a world leader in the field of river science. In the name cGanga, the word Ganga symbolizes culture of rivers.

The far reaching goal of cGanga is to develop high-end research-based strategies and practices from which not only India but all the rivers of the world can be benefited and the legacy of safe and enhanced water resources can be passed on to the next generations.

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