Arth Ganga

The concept of Arth Ganga involves restoration and conservation of river Ganga to strengthen economic development. The speedy restoration and conservation of river Ganga depends on the human will and effort that goes into the process. The two main components of these efforts are the material resources and the spiritual resources that are available from the river itself, and hence can be put back into the restoration-conservation scheme to maximize human benefits.
Both types of resources are embodied in the Sanskrit word Arth and it aptly denotes the subject. This subject is therefore considered in terms of the two complementing resources, viz., ecosystem services and spiritual aspects of the river. Arth Ganga framework has been formulated by cGanga to enable systematic progress towards conserving our rivers conjointly with national development. The central idea behind this concept is that river system should be self sustaining. In other words, the financial and other resources required for restoration and management of the river system should be generated from the river system itself.

Arth Ganga programme will include livelihood generation opportunities by promoting local products e.g., medicinal plants, local handicraft and eco-friendly toys. In addition, river water tourism will open new opportunities and avenues for employment generation. Under the flagship of Arth Ganga, different agencies are creating synergy between economic development, sustainability and river conservation. The Arth Ganga project is also in accordance with India’s commitment towards the UN sustainable development goals.