Novel And Noble Approaches

It is often observed that the traditional and existing methods of river restoration and management are not enough to address issues peculiar to modern times. Under such circumstances, it is pertinent to look for new ways to address the new challenges. On some occasions, a simple modification of tradition approach suffices, whereas in other cases a completely novel approach is required.
An example of novel approaches is the usage of remote sensing, particularly GIS for monitoring the changes that are happening in river system, e.g., soil types. Remote sensing and GIS can also be used with artificial intelligence to understand and map the formation and degradation of soil.

However, the implementation of novel approaches brings with it new problems and challenges. The whole process needs to be made as smooth as possible so that transition to the new technology and techniques goes hassle-free. Considering the case of agriculture as an example, small-margin farmers cannot manage the amount of technology required to make their methodology environment-friendly. Therefore, it is best to outsource certain tasks to service providers who take care of whatever is required to implement that segment of the project.

cGanga does not attempt to impose certain methods or to make any approach mandatory. Its objective is to provide suggestions and advice to end users and stakeholders; however, the decision to make use of the available approaches is left to them.