1. Evaluation of the overall pollution load due to the pulp and paper industries.
  2. Assessment of the Impact of Implementation of Charter for “Water Recycling & Pollution
    Prevention in Pulp and Paper Industry” prepared by CPCB 2015.


  • Capture diurnal and daily variation
  • Reconnaissance of identified (as per the list provided by CPCB) Pulp and Paper Industries
    (130) in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Assessment of Water Consumption and Pollution Control Facilities
  • Sampling of Industrial effluent from the outlet of ETP of the mills.
  • Sampling from the recipient drains and their upstream/ downstream monitoring
  • Groundwater sampling of hand pumps/tubewells adjacent to the industries/drains.
  • Analysis of samples for certain Physico-chemical characteristics (pH, Colour, TSS, VSS,
    TDS, BOD, COD, AOX and SAR).