Four Day Workshop

The Nature Consultancy (TNC), cGanga, WII and WWF four day workshop at cGanga guest house from 9-12 Oct 2018 on Trade off analysis for health of the middle Ganga River All All

Interaction with industry on strategy for improving water quality

Interaction with Meerut and Muzzafarnagar industrial cluster stakeholders with cGanga, NMCG and CPCB on 8th September 2018 on Strategy for improving water quality and condition of water bodies in the region due to impact of pulp and paper industries in Ganga River Basin All All

Meeting with NVH Global

Mr. Sutirtha Sahariah, Dr. Vaishali Ashok, Mr. Shakti Surya, Dr. Vinod Tare, Dr. Hannah Simcoe , Mr. Raman Kumar, Mr. Anil Kumar